Our Programs


Corrimal Swim Squad hosts multiple programs throughout the year.

Our Learn-to-Swim program caters for ages 2+ including Adult Learn-to-Swim.

We provide expert training for competitive swimmers of all ages, including auxiliary services such as an indoor gym facility and aqua aerobics classes.

Our friendly staff are here to provide a safe, fun and engaging experience whether you are a beginner or a seasoned swimmer!

Our Spring-Summer block dates run from September to 23rd December.

Learn to Swim

We cater for children 2 years and up with parents not required to be in the water. We aim to encourage skill development in a happy, caring and safe environment.

Our programs cater for every child as an individual with different emotional and developmental abilities. Our focus is on encouraging good basic skills followed by good technique which provides the child with efficiency in the water. Our class sizes are small and lane space is plenty with each class having 12.5m each as we like to keep the children actively moving within the lesson.

Private and group lessons are available.

Mini Transition 25m Pool


These classes are held for 45 minutes and again are small class sizes with an instructor in the water. Swimmers progress from the Learn To Swim program into the Mini Transition program where all 4 strokes and tumble turns are taught using drills to improve technique over a 25m distance.

The aim of this program is to provide a stepping stone for swimmers to progress to the 50 metre pool by increasing stamina to ensure technique is not compromised.

Private and groups lessons are available.

Transition 50m Pool


These classes are held for 60 minutes and are for children that are able to swim. Most swimmers have progressed through the learn to swim and mini squad programs and are held in the 50m heated pool.

This program is technique based with all strokes being incorporated into the program along with kick, pull, dives, finishes and tumble turns. It is a great squad for swimmers wishing to compete at their school carnivals, surf carnivals or for general fitness but don’t necessarily want to compete at a swim club level. Swimmers in this squad range from 6yrs to 16yrs of age.

Private and group lessons are available.

Adult Swimming classes

Our program caters for adults who wish to learn to swim, seek stroke correction or would like to swim in a group for general fitness. Privates along with group classes are available.

Competition Squad

This program is for swimmers that wish to train to compete at local, country, state or national level. This program includes dryland training incorporating Pilates classes, strength and conditioning and a running program.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics classes are a great way to stay fit without aggravation or risking injury. Using the resistance of water automatically increases the intensity of any movement you make, helping to increase strength, flexibility and your overall health.

Aqua exercise is similar to using weights or machines in a gym, however, aqua aerobics uses the natural buoyancy of the water to help protect the body from injury whilst exercising.

This also makes aqua aerobics fantastic for targeting particular areas of the body that require attention.

Our professional group fitness instructors provide quality instructing to motivate you to work out to the best of your ability. With a wealth of knowledge and experience our group fitness instructors are sure to inspire you to achieve your fitness goals in a fun way!

Water aerobics classes are taken in a safe, friendly and relaxing environment. We accommodate all ages and abilities.